UCLH Stakeholder Meeting
15 December 2014

Minutes from the November UCLH Development Stakeholder meeting are now available below.

By 10 January, please forward any comments you would like for the Paramount Court board to raise with UCLH at the next meeting, date to be confirmed.

UCLH  reports that work on site is going as planned – demolition began on programme, work has started to remove the roof and the first few floors of the Rosenheim, with the contractor on schedule to complete the works as intended.
Following last month’s meeting, UCLH reports they have taken steps to tackle the problem of vermin around the site. This has included the appointment of a new pest controller, which has thus far been fairly successful in addressing the problem according to UCLH.
In terms of the next community stakeholder meeting, they are looking to set a date in late January or early February. As they expect the demolition to be almost finished by February, upcoming works close to Grafton Way for the Emergency Department extension may be a topic for the agenda.