Waste Disposal

Garbage is collected in the morning Monday through Saturday.  There is no Sunday collection. There are four options for waste disposal at Paramount Court.  Bags are never to be left in the hallway.

1/ If you have an accessible rubbish hatch outside your flat, you can leave your rubbish there.  For fire safety, always make sure that your rubbish hatch is closed shut.  You should keep the hatch area clean so not to attract rodents.

2/ If there is room in the rubbish container at the end of the hall by the goods lift, you can leave your rubbish in the container only.  DO NOT leave your rubbish in that area outside of the container as it is a major fire risk to do so.

3/ keep rubbish in your flat until there is space available in the bin at the end of the hall, or

4/ take your rubbish directly outside the end of the building on University Street side.

You will also find recycling in this outside rubbish area.  You may recycle paper, aluminium, glass and recyclable plastic all in the same containers.

To dispose of household or larger items, you can call Camden Council on 020 7974 6914.  Camden will give a date when the items can be collected.  If you make staff aware of this date, they can arrange to have the items taken from your apartment to a holding area outside the day before collection. Do not leave your large rubbish there otherwise, as we will have to pass on fines from Camden directly to you.